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Photocopying A4 / A3

Photocopy services are usually available while you wait and can be single or double sided, black and white, or full colour.

We use an industry standard high quality Xerox digital press for the best quality possible. (No grainy poor monochrome images).

Prices are based on standard stock (80gsm White) and one original & side. 

Other Paper / Card options available, please contact us or ask in store for more details.

For multiple page documents that can run through the document feeder you will only be charged by the number of total copies produced.  For example; a 30 page document copied twice will be a total of 60 copies.

• Printing from USB or email incur a £1 setup fee (free if total is over £10)

• Prices per copy, per side, from original

• Additional charges will apply when copying stapled documents, or loose leaved pages which need copying via the scanner individually.

• Pages that are folded, badly creased or odd sizes are charged at 200% per copy

• Copying pages from a book is OK if less than 10% of the total pages.  (multiple copies is not permitted).

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